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Software Program

Customized Software

Our software can be customized to fit your school’s specific needs including laps vs. straight donation, individual vs. team rewards or both.

User Friendly

Our software was developed specifically with Fun Runs in mind and is designed to make it easy for parents, and everyone involved.

Expand Donor Base

Families can send emails or post to social media allowing them to reach friends and family who live outside of their local area.  

Real-Time Results

At any time you can view where each classroom stands with donations and rewards - making it both fun and competitive.

Program Pricing

We like to keep things simple for our partner schools. Use our powerful, user-friendly software platform and keep 90% of the total funds raised. There are also zero setup fees. So contact us today - let us help you save time and raise a lot more money!

Fun run software for fundraising

For Parents

The Orange Ruler donation system is a fun and easy way for parents to manage their child's fundraising activities.

Once a child is enrolled, parents can easily add email addresses of friends and family and the system automates the rest – donation requests, thank you notes and tax receipts. The donation requests are professionally designed and can be personalized with the child's picture.

The system can also be used to track a child's participation points and to see which classes are in the lead. Plus, parents can enroll more than one child, so keeping track of everybody's donations and participation can be done simply from a single family home page and through one credit card transaction or check.

For Supporters

Our system makes it easy for friends and family to offer their support using a secure online form. When supporters receive a donation request all they have to do is follow a link, enter the amount they would like to donate, and finalize their donation through a secure and trusted form. All online donations are credited to the children automatically so they can help their class and school. Plus, if a supporter would like to pay by check the parents can easily enter it into the system so their children and class are credited.

Fun run software for fundraising and donations

For Schools

The donation system also makes it easy for teachers, administrators and parent organization leadership to keep up with the school’s progress.


A “Morning Orange Juice” email automatically goes out to the school leadership on a daily basis. This email summarizes all activities and fundraiser status in an engaging graphical format to easily keep the key leaders informed.


Additionally, a robust reporting interface can be accessed at any time by authorized staff members, for up-to-the-minute results on how the program is performing.

Fun run software for fundraising and donations
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