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Full Service Program

Full Service Program

All Students Included

Regardless of financial 

contribution every student

 is included in our program and the Fun Run Event. 

We Make It Easy

Let us do the heavy lifting!  From the kick-off assembly to the fun run itself, we have you covered.

Maximize Profits

On average our partner schools earn 60% more in profit compared to managing their own fun run or doing a product fundraiser.

Team Based Prizes

Our prize system is based on team rewards, so the excitement is geared toward the child’s class doing well vs. individual incentives.

Program Overview

The Orange Ruler program is unlike any other fundraising program you’ve experienced. Our solution balances your desire to make the program easy, fun and profitable, while still aligning with the best interests of children, parents and educators.

Orange Ruler delivers an exciting, team-focused fundraising program that culminates in the big Fun Run event. In addition to raising money, we emphasize the importance of being active, thinking of others, giving and believing in yourself. 



This high-energy event sets the tone for the entire program. We explain to the students how our program works and get them excited about supporting their school. The goal is to educate and inspire students while getting the program off to a great start. Our assembly is less than 30 minutes long and is typically held in the school gymnasium.

Orange Ruler is not only our company name but also our Mascot. Through this fun character we introduce our main themes of teamwork, believing in yourself, thinking of others and staying active.


"I Always Measure Up" -  There are obviously many differences among children and it's good to appreciate those differences - our theme helps provide that friendly reminder that those differences aren't ever what truly measures them. As children continue to grow, and learn to believe in and value themselves and others, it’s important that they remember that they always measure up as a person.

"Dare to be Orange" -  The Orange Ruler program encourages children to take care of themselves by being active, getting exercise and eating right.  Secondly, the program inspires children to make a positive impact on others and work together as a team, all while having fun along the way.

The Program

in Action

The Orange Ruler program runs for approximately two weeks, where our team helps to keep the momentum going and the energy up. Throughout the collaborative program, students are rewarded for their efforts in helping their school as our positive themes are emphasized.


We ensure that each and every student is included and made to feel that they are part of the team. Each student 

receives an "I measure up" wristband, a cool event race number and joins in the community-oriented Fun Run. 


We create an environment that encourages the children to look out for the best interests of their teammates, be it their class, their grade, or their school as a whole. Because the prize system is based on team rewards, the excitement is geared toward the team doing well, not just the individual.  There is no direct classroom interruption – we respect how valuable and important classroom time is.

Our team is also on campus to help manage the turn in day where the cash and check donations are accounted for and reconciled.

The Fun Run Event

The big day is here! The Orange Ruler team will arrive early to set everything up and prepare for all the excitement ahead.  We manage all of the details for you and provide all that’s needed for a great event as part of our setup: an MC during the run, music, cones, flags, our tunnel, water station, and staffing. All you need are a few volunteers to help pass out water, have fun and cheer on your children and school!


This is the day that all the children get to celebrate with their classmates and teachers and enjoy their accomplishments. The Run is meant to encourage children to be active however they choose, be it running, jogging, walking, etc.  Parents, friends and family are all encouraged to join in on this exciting community event by coming out and cheering on the students.

The Full Service Program is available in limited markets.  Please contact us to learn more about how Orange Ruler can help you exceed your fundraising goals.

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